Summer Teen Program

Everyone is busy with fun activities and vacations, so we give many choices to jump in on classes we’re confident will benefit your teen for a lifetime! Check this out and let us know if you have any questions. HAPPY SUMMER!!!


There are four (separate) DUOS that make up our Teen Program, and each “DUO” is 2 classes, for a total of 8 classes to complete. The beauty of our program is that a teen can jump-in on any DUO, at any one time. So teens can register for the DUO(s) of their choice — OR — take the DUO PROGRAM, which is “all four” DUOS, and our recommendation for receiving maximum benefits.

There are MANY WAYS for TEENS to take with us this SUMMER.

Option #1 “DUO CAMP” teaches ALL FOUR DUOS over 2 weeks:

Duo Camp covers all 4 Duos over two weeks by students coming Monday thru Thursday (of each week) at 10:45 am, OR 2:30 pm. There are 2 Camps offered; there’s a JUNE CAMP that will meet the weeks of June 19 & 26 — and the JULY CAMP is scheduled for the 2 weeks of July 17 & 24 — and if you want to get really fancy with this, feel free to take one week in June and the other in July, or design your own schedule of DUOS once reviewing all the DUO DATES as you continue to read.

Option #2 “DUO SUMMER” teaches ALL FOUR DUOS over 8 weeks (meeting once each week):

Duo Summer is where the 4 Duos are stretched out over the summer and students attend once each week on Thursdays at 5:45 pm for 8 weeks (no classes the week of July 4th); begins Thursday, June 08.
So see, if you decide on the DUO PROGRAM (“all four” DUOS), you have the choice of enrolling for 2 weeks (Monday thru Thursday of each week), or once each week (on Thursdays) for 8 weeks. Sorry for the repeat, but that was a humdinger to explain.

Each class lasts for approximately 75-90 minutes …